At Teamglobal, we truly believe technology can make a big difference and over the years, we have been continuously developing innovative solutions & services for our esteemed customers to enable ease of doing business. We actively encourage collaboration and out-of-the-box thinking to strategically leverage technology to enhance customer experience. Today's digital marketplace is changing the way companies compete and IT is now at the core of our business strategy. We have dedicated 2017 as "Year of Digital" wherein a number of digital transformation initiatives will get launched this year.

Digital Organisation
We have already made a good beginning by launching our Virtual Assistant called "TIVA" (Teamglobal Interactive Virtual Assistant). We are the first organization to launch this in the Transportation & Logistics industry and our customers can now chat with TIVA via popular social media applications to obtain Track & Trace details, get Sailing Schedules information or locate agent details.

We firmly believe in SMACs (Social, Mobile, and Analytics & Cloud) adoption and Teamglobal has already implemented these technologies to effectively serve our customers. We are active on Social Media applications like Facebook and LinkedIn to showcase our services and we recently launched TIVA mobile app (available on Apple & Google Play Store) that provides information at customer's finger tips. Internally, Teamglobal has deployed a Business Intelligence dashboard using QlikSense to provide a holistic view of all processes covering customers and suppliers. We have decided to adopt a "mobile-first" approach and all new applications that are getting developed can be accessed via mobile & tablet devices. Our entire hardware infrastructure is hosted on a private cloud and we have established a disaster-recovery site to ensure un-interrupted services..

We also offer E-commerce solutions such as eDO and eBL which enable customers to print their Delivery Orders and House BLs at their own premises. Our online sailing schedules option provides 6 weeks vessel details to make a booking on direct boxes. Customers are also provided a login based access which enables them to submit online transactions, download copy of BL, Invoice and CAN based generating specific reports.

As an organization, we are extremely quality conscious and this year our business processes were re-certified for ISO 9001-2015. We have also completed ISMS 27001 certification to ensure appropriate IT security measures are enforced at Teamglobal. We have established role based KPIs and metrics across the organization to ensure timely actions.

To provide customers with transaction visibility, we have automated reporting process. Daily Status Report mails are auto triggered to provide shipment current status until it is finally delivered to your consignee. We also provide a weekly Outstanding Report every Sunday. This report is auto mailed with the reconciled statement to all our credit Customers. Additionally, we provide real time alerts for various milestones such as booking, stuffing, on-board and transhipment confirmation on export shipments on a real time basis.

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